Human Resources Business Packages


The “HR Clean Slate” Package

This package is designed for organizations with little or no internal HR who require a tailored HR program to be rapidly implemented.

This program is a popular choice for small to medium size businesses that have recently identified a need for greater HR systems and processes. 


A Senior HR Professional will implement and provide for your business:

  • A long-term HR plan according to your business needs and current culture;
  • Performance management and feedback systems;
  • Training programs developed according to business objectives;
  • Rewards reviews;
  • Employment branding, recruitment and selection;
  • Management of a personnel hotline and employee relations; and
  • Policy compliance and management of industrial relations matters.

The “HR Manager Exceptional” Package

Designed as a longer term solution to your ongoing Human Resources practices and administration.

This package is used by organizations who have been unable to secure a high calibre HR professional in the marketplace or who enjoy the rapid ongoing performance of a dedicated HR professional from G.E.M.S. Based on your business requirements on or off site and single or multiple resourcing is available. 


A Senior HR Professional will perform to the highest service level for activities including:

  • Management of a personnel and industrial relations hotline;
  • Recruitment, selection and assessment;
  • Training, development including the creation and facilitation of programs;
  • Management of disciplinary and performance systems;
  • Senior and Line Management consultation and support; and
  • HR Administration, reporting, metrics and evaluation.

The “Do It Right Compliance” Package

This is a favorite package of organizations that require rapid policy review, implementation and training activities to ensure compliance and robust governance on range of human resources topics.

The Compliance Package is a must for all organizations wanting to improve their policies and behaviors and mitigate financial and legal loss and risk in regards to employee relations . This can be completed as an audit program or an implementation program with minimal interruption to the business. 

A Senior HR Professional and Employment Lawyer will:

  • Review all policies relating to Conduct, EEOC, Workplace Agreements and Discipline;
  • Ensure policies of governance and ethics exist and are in use;
  • Implement programs of Workers Compensation and First Aid;
  • Provide facilitation, training and structured awareness programs;
  • Provide a whistle-blowing hotline and grievance management referral to G.E.M.S.; and
  • Resolve workplace conflict through accredited mediation referral to G.E.M.S.

The “Employer of Choice” Package

This is for the evolved human resources department within an organization. It refines policies, trains leaders, brands employment and creates a pathway for successful achievement of this award status.

If your organization would like to attract the best candidates in the marketplace, it would help to officially be recognized as an “Employer of Choice”. To achieve this standing, organizations must ensure their leadership, culture and HR practices are “best practice” and a stand out in their industry. They also must ensure that their HR strategies propel business performance. 


A Senior HR Professional will take your HR programs and bring them to life by:

  • Auditing and systematically planning areas for development;
  • Building awareness of “Employer of Choice” practices in leadership programs;
  • Re-creating and implementing policies of compliance as an “Employer of Choice”;
  • Ensuring “best practice” across all HR functions; and
  • Managing the audit and successful award process



G.E.M.S has a dedicated business unit offering services on an ad-hoc or one-off basis.

HR-in-a-Box is a different concept that provides accessible and easy-to-implement human resources services to companies that do not require a dedicated consultant and only have a need for occasional HR support.

HR-in-a-box offers cost-effective solutions for services such as:

  • Develop a position description
  • Recruitment process
  • Develop an employment agreement
  • Prepare a staff induction process
  • Write a workplace policy
  • Train an individual or a group in workplace policy
  • Source training options and/or provide on-site training
  • Write an ad-hoc HR communication
  • Manage conflict in the workplace
  • Manage a formal complaint in the workplace
  • Manage a worker’s compensation claim
  • Accompany a manager to conduct a performance discussion
  • Conduct 360° performance feedback capture and reporting
  • Coach a manager in relation to employee matters / employee relations

If your business already has sound management and is looking for HR support and administration, G.E.M.S. offers an entire HR department in a box especially for you!